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Population supplied with drinking water from water supply systems in the Czech Republic is constantly growing; The only problem is the increasing unit costs of connection and pressure on prices of materials

What is the development of drinking water supply? Meaning of drinking water supply from public water systems is increasing. In 1989, water from public water systems were using as a source of drinking water in the Czech Republic a total of 8 537 thousand residents, which accounted for 82,4 % of the total population. In 2014, then water from public water systems benefited 9 917 thousand residents, which accounted for 94,2 % of the total population. For 25 years, thus increasing the number of residents using water from water supply by almost 1,5 mil. Already in two regions in the Czech Republic are the inhabitants supplying water only from water supply (Capital city Prague, Karlovy Vary), or the fact that state approaches (Moravian-Silesian Region). more..

We care not only about quality but also about taste and odour of the supplied water

Ordinary process of chlorination causes unwanted odour and taste problems. Superchlorination at the water source to ensure sufficient hygienic quality. more..

The Czech Republic is happy to announce continuous improvement in the quality of produced and supplied drinking water mainly due to the targeted investment and application of good operational practices

What are the trends in drinking water production and distribution? Water industry in the Czech Republic has been targeting continuous improvement in the quality of produced and supplied drinking water both via continuous investment as well as by implementation of operation measures in the distribution systems. Available capacity of the water treatment plants twice exceeds the current level of drinking water consumption. On the other hand the industry is challenged by emerging trends in the pollution of water sources by more intensive agriculture production and use of agriculture-related compounds, which in turn leads to implementation of upgrades in the existing water treatment technologies and addition of new treatment steps. more..

SOVAK position on revision study of the Directive on Drinking Water
Within the frame of the current European Commission consultation, SOVAK CR presents its position on the Revision Study of the Drinking Water Directive. The discussed Policy option study provides a summarization of the outputs of the working group meeting for the Directive of Drinking Water revision that took place on 08/12/2015 and suggests possible variants for further adjustments of secondary EU legislation and trends of following implementation in the EU Member States. SOVAK CR welcomes this initiative and finds it necessary to correctly choose among the presented alternative options ones that are realistically achievable in the Czech Republic. more..