Our publications

SOVAK ČR is also the publisher of professional publications focused on providing support for workers in the field of water management as a source for lifelong learning. The most important publications include the Handbook for Operators of Water Supply Networks, the Handbook for Operators of Sewerage Network. The Handbook for Operators of Waste Water Treatment Plants, the Handbook for Operators of Drinking Water Treatment Plants, the Principle for Use of Trenchless Technologies in the Field of Water Supply and Sewerage, Water Conduits and others.

SOVAK ČR has also produced instruction movies intended for workers in  water supply and sewerage. These movies are a suitable aid for training workers in the field of health and safety.

In co-operation with SOVAK ČR, the National Institute of Public Health has published an instructive story book about water for children: A remarkable Expedition-Lenka and Terezka in the Wondrous World of Water. The book is primarily intended for schools, public libraries and other educational institutions.