Sovak Journal

SOVAK ČR publishes the professional Sovak journal once per month for the needs of its members and for the public, presenting news from the field, in particular from the area of concept, theory, planning, investments and standardization, as well as knowledge from practice, interesting features from the world of water management at home and abroad and other important information. Sovak journal publishes the results of research tasks and their utilization in practice and holds discussions of operational employees and technical specialists on current problems in the field of water supply and sewerage. It presents official statements as well as opinion and comments of its technical commission and information from meetings of the EurEau organization, of which SOVAK ČR is a member.

  • The Sovak journal publishes 1 500 copies a month. It is recognized as a prestigious scientific journal not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.
  • The scientific quality of the SOVAK journal has been rewarded in the past. The magazine was added to the list of non-impact reviewed periodicals published in the Czech Republic. A list created by a council for research and development (advisory body of the government).
  • The monthly journal Sovak is published since 1991 and has celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016.
  • The journale Sovak is issued on 32 A4 pages in color.

The journal Sovak has a controlled distribution and as such is sent to the subscribers (the journal cannot be sold independently).

Contact us:

Jiří Hruška
Editor in chief of Sovak Journal
Novotného lávka 5, 116 68 Prague 1 Czech Republic
Phone: 221 082 628, cellphone: 601 374 720, e-mail:                                 

Ivana Jungová
Editor of Sovak Journal
Phone: 221 082 628, e-mail: